Painter's Photograph ( part two)

photograph Style

Artists at work

I love to take photos for the other artists. It gives me a chance to explore inside of the artist’s studio to know how they work, but the hardest thing is how to. Each artist has his or her unique  way to express ideas and concepts in different techniques and medium. The studio photo is not just show the artist is working and it should shows the concept of artist’s work also.

When I take artist’s photos, I do study their works closely and thoroughly and have a long conversation about their arts, life and work procedures. Those will help me to construe the general idea what the image is look like. But sometimes the artists already have their own ideas and that  will make my job much easier. One of the artist is the painter Li Wang.


Li Wang works in studio

He is not only know what  the image look, but also how it takes. He will help me to set up the  lighting and arrange the artworks. Of courses, he is a great painter himself and he reads my mind.


It is  time consume to take a good photo. When I shoot photos for France artist Joel Person, I spend four hours to set up and shoot hundreds of photos and another two hours to construe them into a single photo. I like the concept that his horse can run in the photo.

Joel Person, France

Dancer, Chicago USA

Jason Dai, New York USA

Tiffany Zhu, New York USA

Anong Migwans Beam, Canada

Sculptor Cao Guichang, China

Stone, New York USA



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