Artist Information

Kevin Liang was born in China in 1957 into a family of artists, writers, and photographers. Though his family members worked in the creative arts, he decided to study Chinese literature in Jinan University and later computer science when he emigrated from China to New York in 1982. However, after graduating, he ultimately decided to devote himself full time to oil paintings and return to his roots. 

Nature is most of Kevin's painting subject. Early his career, he painted mostly in realistic style of landscape and still life, using photos as reference.

Over the past 30 years, Kevin has traveled extensively across the United States to exhibit his artworks. Throughout his travels, he has painted landscapes, often on location, to truly capture the natural effects of color and light. His paintings use intense colors to evoke deep emotions and even sound. The colors in his paintings peal and clang like bronze and silver bells, proclaiming happiness, passion, and love. 

Kevin paints mostly with a palette knife to create a rough texture on the canvas and convey the movement and emotion of nature. His paintings are introspective and gently remind others of the importance of tranquility and rest.

Kevin begun to experiment digital art combine with mixed medium since 2014 and created a series of colorful paintings which are dye infused into aluminum.

Kevin Liang’s art works have received numerous awards from national juried competitions and are represented in many corporations as well as public and private collections.