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Haze Afternoon, oil 24" x 24" 2019

"Haze Afternoon" oil on board 24" x 24". 2020


In the empty field, a path beyond the mist,

Thick shade covers this serene field.

Its frost beauty enhanced by drop of rain,

A cold fragrance distance from end of summer.

As a landscape painter, I know that weather and atmosphere play a significant role in virtually every landscape painting I do. Atmospheric conditions always influence the quality of light and the emotion and feeling  will response to the surrounding.  How I perceives and paint the intrinsic properties of that light will determine the mood of a painting.

I think a landscape painting is most appealing when a color or a set of colors empowers the idea in the painting. When I did this painting, I kept the tonal value of the colors used through out the painting; they can be light and fresh or dark, brooding , and somber. This tonality of colors sets the mood in the painting and can evoke a similar mood in the view. Sometimes masterful use of color in a landscape painting has to do with the strength of power in reserve, the power doesn't call attention to itself.

When the energy of a landscape painting touches the heart of the beholder in a masterful and quite way, without the use of shocking or bizarre color, we are witness to the poignant value of reserve as power. This type of conservation stems from a lyrical mastery rooted in confidence and a highly evolved artistic state in which the artist actually feels color and is capable of expressing the feeling.

Life has a way of presenting us with whatever we are ready for and all we have to do is be open to the possibilities. Here are some samples of my oil paintings which reflect my deep feeling and emotion connect to the mood landscapes.

Morning Light, oil 22" x 22" 2019

Snow Day, oil 24" x 30" 2020

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