Snow Day, oil on canvas 25"x31"x1.5", 2021 (sold)
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Snow Day, oil on canvas 25"x31"x1.5", 2021 (sold)

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Snow Day 2022

Original oil on canvas with frame 25x31x1.5 inches

“After the storm, the field expand.”

I went to the White Mountain NH last October to paint. The first snow was a big surprise that I never experience before. When I am observing scene I want to paint, I often avoid cliches when looking for place to study and paint the landscape. I look for chaos. Chaos in nature is immediately challenging and forced me to impose some type of order on my perception of the site. When I find a scene that provides that type of challenge, I return to it over and over again, both physically and mentally in the studio, continually teaching for new insights.

I like to paint the complex of the colors with varies of colors and strokes, layer after layer. From beginning to finish, it may take more than a month. I paint mainly with the painting knife to produce heavy texture and occasionally using a brush in final touch.